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We believe that a brand without words is like speaking to a blank wall. Words are the heart and soul of what speaks to your audience and the way your message comes across to them. 

A brand without words isn't what sells, yes, you heard it from us. Words are what ties design together to help tell your brand story. Rooted in brand strategy and a solid foundation around the work that we do. 

Design only makes up 60% of a brand, 40% is made up of words. Words dictate design, not the other way around. 

JaphethChiara is a Singapore based e-commerce brand for mothers and parents. As parents themselves, Founders Rachel and Randy's mission is to encourage baby wearing for parents to free up more time. Being a first time parent can be overwhelming, baby wearing allows parents to get things done whilst still being able to hold their baby close to their heart. 

JaphethChiara Babywear

Passionate Wedding is a Portugal based wedding photography duo founded by Sandra & Ricardo. They specialise in high end luxury weddings and editorial photography.

Passionate Wedding Photography

The Mindfulness Company is a mental health and personal passion project by The Copy Brew. Which aims to create a better tomorrow for the women of today's society.

Empowering women to be better versions of themselves despite mental health challenges faced in today's society

The Mindfulness Company

Juice Box Social Marketing founded by Ashley Vipond offers female startups brand strategy and group coaching programs through relationship building. 

JuiceBox Social Marketing

Monica Strut is a music journalist, specialising in marketing, business and mindset strategy for emerging brands

Monica Strut, Music Journalist

Arq Design Studio founded by Lea Guciardi, is a Shopify web design and development studio for conscious and lifestyle and eCommerce brands ready to take their business to the next level with a story driven approach. 

Arq Design Studio executes results driven brand and web experiences with an eCommerce focus that will attract your ideal clients and tell your story with confidence

Arq Design Studio

Sdyney Lynn is a automation, sales funnel strategist coach specialising in helping modern entrepreneurs grow and scale their business through workflow strategy.


Bloom Balance is an extension of the Wellbe Family Wellness Clinic by Dr Aliya and Sarina Visram. Holistic wellness made easy, wellness products rooted in traditional chinese medicine & backed by science.

Bloom Balance 

Vennie Haumont is the Founder & Lead Esthetician behind healthy skin studio. Healthy Skin Studio is strategically located in Richmond, London for convenience.

At Healthy Skin Studio, Vennie's goal is to support her clients through bespoke skin solutions.

Her mission is to empower women to be the best version of themselves through skin therapies curated with her clients goals and needs in mind without needing to break the bank. 

Healthy Skin Studio

NYCFacial by Carolina Gil brings a wealth of experience of 18 years of experience and training in the skincare industry and wealth of knowledge to her clients. 

NYCFacial is based on Carolina’s belief that skincare is a necessity and is something that should be available to everyone.

Beyond beauty and aesthetics. Carolina believes that skincare treatment needs to be specific to the individual and prides herself on creating treatments that suit the individual skincare needs of each client.

NYC Facial

Good copy when written well, captures your reader's attention on the page and encourages them to stay for as long as possible without deflecting them away. The power of words has the ability to attract your ideal clients and allow you to scale your business to the next level. 

"Working with Cheryl was amazing, she is so easy to work with and truly has a gift with words! Writing my copy always felt like an ongoing project, this time it actually feels like it's complete with better structure which made it easier to design and implement my site."

- SYDNEY LYNN , hey sydney

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