Skip the waiting lines of our signature copywriting packages and get your copy crafted in a day. 


You've been staring away at a blank google doc for what seems like forever and just can't wait to get started to writing your copy. 

Opening up that google doc and you start brain dumping all your ideas out on the page, only to realise you are stuck writing because something is missing that you just can't seem to figure out. 

When you're finally ready to reach out to a copywriter only to hear back from to find out that they are completely booked out and their next availability is 3 months away. 

You need to stop procrastinating and get it done ASAP. You need someone to help you get it done within a day so you can launch with ease and focus on what you do best to get your leads converting. 

No one ever said high converting copy can't be written within a day's time, because we understand that not everyone has the time to wait weeks or months to get on our waiting list. 

Here's bringing you all the elements of our signature copywriting package done in a day's time. 

For the modern entrepreneur that doesn't want to wait weeks or months to get their words crafted.


"Cheryl is a master of her craft, she completely changed the tone and voice our brand and allowed us to be so much more clear in our brand message! Truly one of the best investments made in our business!!"

One Shot Copy

We're constantly booked out 2 months in advance for our signature copywriting packages and we understand that not everyone has the time to wait 6-8 weeks for a complete website overhaul.

We are firm believers that good copy cannot be rushed, we wanted to help creative entrepreneurs fulfil their copy needs not in weeks, not months but all in a day's time.

Yes, you heard us right. 

We're not just giving you a VIP seat to the brew, we're giving you first hand access to getting your copy through the front door and get your leads converting with one shot copy.

Strategy driven words with the same level of expertise, conversion and strategy all done in a day's time. 

Bringing you the VIP front row copy experience done in a day out on the brew, for you. 

Investment: $1,380

What's In It For Me?

Crystal clear clarity is absolute key to ensuring the success of your project. We don't believe in cutting corners, without clarity, you're basically writing to a blank wall. 

Upon booking with us, you'll receive an in-depth brand clarity questionnaire which is the same questionnaire with our 1-1 copywriting clients.

Research & Clarity

Now Booking May 2021

The one shot copy experience allows for a copy rewrite of up to 4 standard website pages. 

Choose from: 
✔️Home, About, Sales, Portfolio/Work or Contact Page Copy
✔️Landing Page Copy
✔️Long Form Sales Page
✔️Blog Post Copy
✔️Brand Voice & Tone Guide

Choose Your Deliverable

We begin with a 60 min brand strategy  call which unpacks your in-depth brand clarity questionnaire answers and dives deeper into your core brand values 

At the end of the day, we'll debrief with a 60 min call to bring you up to speed on the work that has been completed with actionable steps and strategies for you to self implement.

2 x Strategy Calls

As much as we'd love to say that a complete website overhaul can be done in a day's time, the one shot copy experience is designed to deliver your single most important copy deliverable within 24 hours. 

You have a clear understanding of who your audience is and what your core offerings are.

The One Shot Copy Experience May Be Right For You If....

You've tried to DIY your own copy but it's just the bane of your existence and a hair pulling experience altogether itself. 

You already have most of your website copy in place, but need a few pages to be rewritten.

You're ready to dedicate your day to working with us to ensure the success of your copy deliverable. 


As we are always booked ahead of time, we always recommend reaching out to us at least 2 months in advance with your project details in order for us to get to know you and your brand better, to ensure we're the right fit to work together. However, we might have an earlier availability depending on your project details and are open to discussing options that may suit your project goals! 

How soon can we get started?


Yes we do! We believe that copy and design go hand in hand, that website copywriting is often a collaborative effort between designer, copywriter and client. We often collaborate with many of our industry design partners and fellow copywriters on our complete website overhaul packages to assist in the launch process. Do reach out to us so we can get the conversation started! 

Do you work with branding and web designers?


As much as we love design and are able to provide design direction on how copy should be strategically placed on a website, we are not a design company. However, we are able to recommend some of our trusted design partners whom we have worked with before that may be suited to your design and project goals. 

Are you able to assist with web design services?

Frequently Asked Questions

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