About The Copy Brew


The Copy Brew is a Copywriting & Brand Messaging Studio helping creative brands and entrepreneurs tell their brand story through intention driven marketing words.

Founded by Cheryl Goh, this company started back in 2018 originally known as 351 Digital Consultancy, and now rebranded to what we all know as The Copy Brew. Since then, we've had the honour of working with over 40 business owners which include lifestyle and eCommerce brands, through our strong and collaborative work with our industry design partners. 

About the studio

Discover the people behind the brand that made this all possible! 


My love for the english language started way back before my university days in high school. I've always known I wanted a career where writing was heavily involved. What makes my heart full is seeing how something so simple as words can completely transform a brand's strategic direction and help attract the clients that they've been long searching for. 

As someone who is no stranger to flocking her way to cosy and quiet coffee shops to getting the bulk of the writing work done, I knew I wanted to bring my love for roasted coffee seeds and words together. 

Being able to form friendships, collaborate with our industry partners and form communities is what The Copy Brew has always been about and we're so glad you decided to join us on this journey! 

Cheryl Goh


Moved to Adelaide, South Australia for 2 years to pursue my Bachelor's degree in marketing and spent another year pursuing my honours degree in International Business, fell in love with the culture and experience and wanted to bring that back home to Singapore. 

Moved To Australia


Prior to completing my undergraduate degree and moving back to Singapore, I started a side hustle of my own before deciding whether or not I wanted to take my business full time. 

Started a side hustle whilst completing my studies


After graduation, I moved back to Singapore and worked at a marketing firm for a few months before deciding that the corporate life wasn't for me, and decided to take my side hustle full time. 

Worked part time at a marketing firm


We first launched as 351 Digital Consultancy and gained our first clients and started building our portfolio, worked with creative, lifestyle and eCommerce brands including business coaches. 

Launched as 351 Digital Consultancy


After our launch as 351 Digital Consultancy, we commemorated our launch with our first ever brand photoshoot with one of our friends, Ray Visuals.

Our First Brand Photoshoot 


We underwent a complete rebrand as we felt the name 351 Digital didn't really align to copywriting and didn't ring a bell and didn't speak to who we were as a brand. We worked with J.Avolio and relaunched as The Copy Brew in May 2020. 

Rebranded As The Copy Brew


Our Journey